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Entry Level 2 and 3 Independent Living

At Entry Level 2 and 3 the PFL course includes the opportunity to gain Independent Living and Personal and Social Development skills. The course is delivered in a broad range of practical settings and enables great choice and flexibility.

Projects may include household skills and creative opportunities. All courses will include group work experience at Umberslade Nurseries and/or QAC Cafe. English and Maths are embedded throughout and qualifications available for those for whom they're suitable. 

Personal and Social Development units 

● Dealing with problems in daily life

● Working as part of a group

● Developing self

● Managing social relationships

● Individual rights and responsibilities

● Community action

● Healthy living

● Preparation for work

● Managing own money

● Work safely  

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What the students say

QAC is an amazing College with some great facilities. Staff treat me like an adult and I have the opportunity to try new experiences.

Michael - 18

Performing Arts Student

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