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Sight andSound Technology - Headline Sponsor

Sight and Sound Technology is the UK's leading provider of hardware and software to the blind, visually impaired and those with learning and reading difficulties. We work in unison with private individuals, charitable organisations, educational establishments and commercial enterprises to help our users fully realise their potential. Our product solutions have been specifically designed to improve quality of life at work, at study or in the home. A commitment to continual product refinement and innovation means that our solutions are the best available. What's more, they're simple to install and easy-to-use with Windows and MAC-based systems. Our specialist trainers are all fully accredited in each of the software titles that they support.

Sight and sound Technology have master distribution agreements covering UK and Ireland for the World's leading manufacturers including Freedom Scientific, AI Squared, Kurzweil, HIMS, Index, Viewplus amongst others.

Sight and Sound Technology are a nationwide company. The fact that we are centrally located in Northampton enables us to provide our customers with unprecedented training and support - which is second to none.

We are now active in the Care market, offering respexi, an innovative touch screen tablet device that allows family, friends and carers to stay in touch. (www.respexi.me further extending our support for those who struggle to use technology through age or disability.


Sales Department
Sight & Sound Technology Ltd
Welton House North Wing
Summerhouse Road

01604 798070
Web Site
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