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ClearVision is a national postal lending library of over 14,000 children’s books in braille and print, adapted for sighted and visually-impaired children and adults to share. ClearVision books are borrowed by over 1,000 families, schools, vision/sensory support services and libraries all over the UK, and it’s free for families. Our collection caters for babies and toddlers, for pre-schoolers and for primary school children. We also have some books for students at Key Stage 3 with a lower reading age, and a small collection of books in print and the tactile reading language Moon. ClearVision has over 1,000 wonderful hand-made tactile books available for loan to schools and Services, in which all the illustrations are specially designed to be explored by touch. Visit our stand and try out some of our books. ClearVision is a member of UKAAF

Linden Lodge School
61 Princes Way
SW19 6JB
020 8789 9575
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What the students say

Being a residential student has really helped me to become more independent I do my own washing and I can cook with a bit of help from staff.

Amy - 18

Powerchair Football and Further Education Programme Student

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