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RP Fighting Blindness

Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is the name given to a group of hereditary disorders which affect the retina. The cells which make up the retina slowly deteriorate and lose their ability to transmit pictures to the brain. Usually the first symptom is being unable to see at night or in dim light, often followed by progressive loss of peripheral vision, leading to what is often called 'tunnel vision'. In some cases it is the central vision which is affected first. The symptoms can become apparent at any age, but most commonly occur in teenagers or young adults. The aims of RP Fighting Blindness are to raise funds for scientific research and to provide a support service to its members. The charity runs a Telephone Helpline providing information and support to those with RP, their families and friends as well as a Telephone Befriending Service. The charity also promotes the formation of local branches, creates public awareness of RP and the problems in can bring. It establishes and maintains links with government and national organisations, ophthalmologists, opticians, social services and other professionals. Members are informed of developments in medical research and welfare issues through the RP Fighting Blindness website and magazine and monthly e-bulletins.


P O Box 350
MK18 1GZ
01280 821334
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