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Advantage Graphite Canes

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Revolution - Advantage Graphite Canes

QAC is proud to be the sole importer of Revolution Advantage canes into the UK. We supply to a range of organisations (social services, rehabilitation teams, etc) and also sell direct to the end user.

A female uses a carbon fibre revolution advantage long collapsible cane

Advantage Graphite Canes have several benefits over traditional canes:

  • Light Weight: but stronger, more rigid and more durable than aluminium.
  • Greater Sensitivity: Graphite fibres transmit superior "feel".
  • Longer Life: more than twice that of aluminium canes.
  • Flexibility and Rigidity: provides excellent support - but will flex and return to straight unlike aluminium which remains bent.
  • Highly Reflective: be seen at night for your safety.
  • Twelve Month Warranty: plus extended service policy.
  • Impact absorbing shock rings at each joint for improved feel and wear.
  • Best Overall Value: low cost, high quality, user friendly cane.

Advantage graphite canes are designed to achieve optimum balance for ease of use and comfort. At 90cm, the Advantage cane weighs only 216 grams.

Quality Advantages

  • Graphite will not corrode.
  • A rubber grip combined with an elastic loop wrist strap for safety.
  • Precision ground joints do not stick and become difficult to fold.

Queen Alexandra College can supply the following canes:

  • The Collapsible Cane
  • Rigid Cane
  • Child's Cane
  • Symbol Cane
  • Support Cane

The Advantage Graphite Cane can be supplied with a variety of different tips these include:

  • Standard pencil tips
  • Metal tips
  • Teardrop tips
  • Standard Roller tips
  • Jumbo Roller

If you would like further information or if you would like to order an Advantage Graphite Cane then please telephone 0121 428 5041. Alternatively you can e-mail us at

Cane Prices ( January 2017)

Cane (Excluding Tip)                                           Price
Adult White Collapsible Cane (90 - 150cm) £30.50
Adult Coloured Collapsible Cane (90- 150cm) £37.00
Child White Collapsible Cane (65 - 85cm) £25.00
Child Coloured Collapsible Cane (65 - 85cm) £30.00
Adult White Rigid Cane (90 - 140cm) £25.00
Adult Coloured Rigid Cane (90 - 140cm) £30.00
Child White Rigid Cane (65 - 85cm) £23.00
Child Coloured Rigid Cane (65 - 85cm) £30.00
Adult White Symbol Cane (70 - 125cm) £22.00
Adult Coloured Symbol Cane (70cm - 125cm) £28.00
Child White Symbol Cane (70- 85cm) £22.00
Child Coloured Symbol Cane (70 - 85cm) £28.00
Support Cane £36.00
Telescopic Mini Cane £36.00
Replacement Tips Price
Standard Pencil Tip £4.50
Metal £7.00
Teardrop £7.00
Roller £13.00
Jumbo Roller £15.00
Adaptor (if sold separately) £3.00

Carbon Fibre Telescopic White Cane
This innovative design is ideal for a handbag or pocket and is available in 48" each cane comes with its own attractive soft zipped case.

Coloured Canes

We are now proud to announce that we supply long canes & symbol canes in a range of 6 different reflective colours as well as 4 holographic colours. For more information please see our colour list below.

PLEASE NOTE: as all coloured canes are made to order, they cannot be exchanged or refunded after sale has been completed.

Prices excluding VAT. No VAT is added when canes are supplied to end users.

Tips can be fitted if required.

Orders can be placed by telephone, fax, email or post.

Payment is accepted by Switch, Mastercard, Visa or Cheque.

Contact: Jenny Bryant or Karen Easthope 0121 428 5041

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