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QAC has a sensory provision called i-Spot which is equipped with resources to deliver sensory integration therapy.

The goal of the sensory intervention therapy is to improve the ability to process sensory information and is implemented by assessing the student and introducing planned activities both in the sensory room and in areas of the student’s daily life.

The sensory room is well equipped with resources to support most sensory activities and is used highly effectively to deliver many different sensory activities. Equipment includes Soundbeam, fibre optic lighting, UV lighting as well as tactile items and craft.

I-Spot Sensory Room

If a new student does not already have a sensory assessment the sessions in their first year will involve the student in a range of sensory activities to assess their needs and tolerances so that a suitable sensory diet/plan can be developed for work in the students second year.

Sensory sessions are planned and delivered by a Student Support Officer with the help of trained Learning Support Assistants. In cases where the student needs daily sensory work a trained Learning Support Assistant may deliver planned activities either one to one or in a small group.

What the students say

QAC is helping me to achieve my goals. PFL is a really fun course to be a part of and I have made lots of improvement with my confidence and social skills.

Conor - 20

Preparation for Life Student

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