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Student Term Dates 2018/19 and Reporting Student Absence or Appointments

AUTUMN 2018  
Start  Finish

Tuesday 4 September – new residential
students – arrive from 3pm onwards

Wednesday 5 September – new day
students – in for 9am

Sunday 9 September – returning
residential students

Monday 10 September – returning  day students

Thursday 25 October – 3pm
Tuesday 6 November Friday 21 December
(Students are free to leave after lunch)
SPRING 2019  
Wednesday 9 January  Friday 15 February – 3pm
Wednesday 27 February

Friday 12 April 

(Students are free to leave after lunch)

SUMMER 2019  
Monday 29 April Thursday 23 May – 3pm
Monday 3 June  Friday 12 July – 1.30pm

Please report any student absence by 9:30am on the day of the absence to the Admissions team at or telephone directly to 0121 428 5011 / 5015.

Please leave the following information:

Reason for Absence: 

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