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STRIDES - An image of Pinewood entrance/reception and a student sat working at a desk in front of a computer

A new venue, new experiences, developing new skills for future aspirations!

STRIDES is a student centred, non-accredited programme that will provide you with the skills, knowledge and attitude required to support future employment and improved independence.

Students accessing our STRIDES programme will be based at Pinewood Campus, our Employability Hub located in nearby Woodgate Valley. Pinewood Campus provides a high quality learning experience and exciting stepping stone into the world of work through specific Employment Pathways programmes and is more business-like than educational in its feel. 

STRIDES is an acronym which identifies the main areas you will develop on the programme within the support umbrella of QAC. A planned and engaging curriculum with a specific focus on:

  • Supporting
  • Transition
  • Resilience
  • Independence
  • Developing Employability Skills

The curriculum draws emphasis on creating a skills rich experience by providing you with transferable skills and knowledge through a range of learning experiences for the next stage of your life.

Our address is:

Bell Heath Way
Woodgate Business Park
B32 3BZ 

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