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LEAP (Learning, Employment and Progression) Entry 3 / Level 1

The LEAP programme (Learning, Employment and Progression) is all about having tasters of work and work experience whilst gaining a useful qualification for your future.

LEAP qualifications are at Entry 3 and Level 1.

LEAP has been designed with flexibility in mind and students are required to build a portfolio of evidence. Students on the LEAP programme have a main focus on a particular area of interest, but are not entirely limited to one subject, getting tasters of other areas too.

Dedicated areas equipped to meet the needs of students known as Hubs, which focus on specific career pathways, can also be accessed via the LEAP programme. Currently, there are 3 Hub areas:

  • LEAP Hub Creative
  • LEAP Hub MVS (Motor Vehicle Studies)
  • LEAP Hub Trades

LEAP Hubs aim to develop basic knowledge and understanding of business development through exploring the different employability skills needed to help secure employment in a chosen area.       

Each LEAP study programme will also involve English and Maths and any required support and/or therapies to meet individual needs. 

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What the students say

QAC has helped me accept myself and grow my skills in many areas, including Art and Design. I've achieved many milestones here that I never thought possible!

Beth - 19

Art and Design Student

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