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Work Placement Opportunities - Supported Internships

Prior to the current "Lockdown" situation, as part of our Supported Internship programme, intern Jordan had been working at the BBC in Birmingham.

Jordan sat with two BBC Midlands Today presenters

Jordan has also had the opportunity to compare old and new technology used at the BBC! During the time of Jordan's placement, he thoroughly enjoyed trying his hand at such a variety of things within the professional setting of the BBC studios!Whilst there, Jordan was able to experience various different areas of work, including work within the Editing department, where he tried his hand at tasks such as overlaying text and using the dropbox system to share media. 




Prior to the "Lockdown", QAC student Guy enjoyed a successful placement at Birmingham Repertory Theatre learning about all things theatre and has developed a strong interest in animation. Guy sat down holding his brand new laptop

Thanks to our 'Fund Me' project, funded by National Express Foundation, Guy recently took delivery of a brand new laptop complete with software - he was so excited he was still in his pjs when Erol arrived to deliver it!

Guy is looking forward to getting to work on his laptop and using it to explore the world of animation and design, and find some courses he can also do as part of his award!







Ross sat next to boxes of his brand new work gear.QAC student Ross loves practical activities and prior to the current "Lockdown" situation, he enjoyed a placement with the Maintenance Team at Macdonald Burlington Hotel in the city centre and applied to our 'Fund Me' panel for his very own kit of workwear and tools to support this and his future career!
Thanks to the project, funded by National Express Foundation, he now has his very own impressive kit, much to the envy of our own QAC Maintenance Team!



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What the students say

The staff are really friendly and helpful at QAC, they have helped me with my confidence and my independence - this makes me feel very happy and proud!

Aisha - 21

Supported Internships Student

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