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Advantage Carbon Fibre Cane (QAC)

The Revolution Advantage Long Cane is a Great Success. Since its UK debut at Sight Village 1999, the Advantage Carbon Fibre long cane, available exclusively through QAC, is now in use by very many satisfied people from Scotland to Cornwall. Using hi-tech engineering standards the cane has many advantages over its comparatively dated aluminium and plastic rivals. It remains straight even after extended use. It is guaranteed for a year against defects including bungee wear at joints. The joints remain firm It is very light It has a highly reflective covering It doesn't have a velcro strap that slips down Available in 5cm Intervals from 90 - 150 cm Children's rigid canes available Advantage Carbon Fibre 7 Piece Symbol cane Tiny, light, strong and available in sizes from 5cm Available from QAC 0121 428 5041 No VAT added when sold to private individuals

Jenny Bryant
Queen Alexandra College
Court Oak Road
B17 9TG
0121 428 5041
0121 428 5045
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