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Blind and visually impaired people require an intelligent device that combines the simplicity and accessibility of a note taker with the power and efficiency of a modern smartphone or tablet. The ground‐breaking BrailleNote Touch Plus is a powerful note taker powered by Android and driven by Keysoft.

The new Reveal 16 and 16i are the intuitve and easy to use digital magnifiers providing crystal clear image quality and distance cameras and are foldable. Reveal 16i is truly the next generation on low‐vision magnifier and your personal computer rolled into one. Connect 12 is a powerful digital magnifier which opens the window to an intelligent Android world, with free access to over a million apps.

Explore the world around you with the explorē 5 and 8 electronic magnifiers. Small, light‐ weight and portable with the choice of functionality there is an explorē to suit everyone’s needs. The exciting new VictorReader Trek combines GPS technology with our popular Victor Reader Stream. Trek gives clear and safe instructions whether you are travelling by foot or public transport by simply using a postcode. With a ba ery life of 12 hours you can easily plan your travel knowing VictorReader Trek will s ll be working on your return journey. VictorReader Stream our popular book player provides access to over 36,000 radio stations, Wikipedia and Wiktonary. Listen to your favourite books and MP3s wherever you are.

Victor Reader Stratus and Stratus M book readers are simple and intuitive to use and Stratus M includes
multi media for downloading from USB or SD cards. The Brailliant 14 is the latest exciting braille display in the Brailliant family. Cutting edge technology and lightweight the new Brailliant 14 is the perfect portable braille display. Along with our popular Brailliants 32, 40 and 80 cell versions, the Brailliant 14 works brilliantly withApple IOS devices, iPhones, iPods Touch and iPads.




Russell Smith House
2 Bullmatt Business Centre
Northampton Road
01933 415800
01933 411209
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