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Pamtrad Seeing Solutions


 Mercury 12-inch Tablet technology Magnifier and text-to-speech (Windows)

Mercury 10-inch Tablet technology Magnifier and text-to-speech (Android), 

NEW Mercury Pocket Voice, Portable, magnification and text-to-speech, easy-to-use in your hand.

Mercury Viewpoint – SmartVisor, wearable magnification and text-to-speech visor.

Seeing Solutions is an independent, impartial supplier/manufacturer of technology for people with sight difficulties. Not connected to any one manufacturer we test all the products we provide for QUALITY, VALUE and EASE OF USE. Every product is thoroughly tested and carries CE markings.

Check our price, we are invariably always the best. This ensures that you the customer get the best products to help you at the best prices.

Check out:

iZoom, ReadDesk PC, hand-held electronic magnifiers, TV & PC-Eye, Miniguide hand-held silent vibrating  obstacle detector.



Phil Ward
The Stables
22 Ruddington Lane
NG11 7BH
0115 981 6636
Web Site
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