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Professional Vision Services

Professional Vision Services This year Professional Vision Services will be showing the very latest technology from the World’s oldest and most established CCTV manufacturer. Following the success of the MLS Student ‘Classic’ at the 2006 BETT Awards, we will be presenting the newest member of the portable ‘Student’ range. The MLS Student ‘Addition’ features the latest high resolution camera giving a clarity of picture that is usually only found in ‘stand a lone’ CCTV’s. The new design means that the camera and base weigh in at only 1.2kg and fit comfortably into a 17 inch laptop case. Other new features include keyboard controls, more artificial colours, a guiding line and a hand held control for when plugging straight into a monitor without a PC. All models of the ‘Student’ range can plug straight into the USB2.0 port of a PC or laptop without the need for additional power. We will be featuring our range of hand held and stand a lone CCTV’s including an integrated Black and White CCTV, ideal where space is an issue, and our fully auto-focus flat screen colour model. There will also be a range of Braille products from Papenmeier, including the new Trio portable note taker.

Philippa Wisbey
Wellbury House
90 Walsworth Road
01462 420751
01462 420185
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