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Synapptic Ltd

At Synapptic, we design intuitive technology for people with sight loss, which works on Android smartphones and tablets. Our products are ideal if you have little or no experience of using technology, but want to complete all your everyday tasks simply and easily. And because our products evolve with you if your sight changes, there’s no need to move to a new device in future.

So whether you want to make a call, send a text, email a photo, search the internet, magnify and read out menus and bus timetables while you’re on the move or simply catch up on your favourite programmes on BBC iplayer, Synapptic helps you to remain independent and connected.

Operated using simple menus on your phone or tablet’s touch screen, Synapptic allows you to communicate with friends and family easily and opens up a whole world of music and entertainment at your fingertips. What’s more, all our products have large print, high contrast controls and come with speech feedback.

Simple yet intelligent, all our products can be used straight out-of-the-box and come with free UK-based support. They are affordable, fully portable and fully supported, so tasks can be completed anytime, anywhere, using one neat little device!

New Synapptic TV Box!

And now you can even control your TV with Synapptic, with our new Synapptic TV Box! Using our simple menus to navigate, you can scroll easily through TV and radio listings to find the programme you want. Customise speech and magnification options, as well as selecting the colour contrast to suit you. Use our high-visibility remote control or even your voice to select the options you want.

What’s more, you can also use your Synapptic TV Box to browse the internet, do your online shopping or simply keep in touch with friends and family through emails, Skype and sending voice memos.

To find out more information about our products, simply visit our website at, call us on 0191 909 7 909 or email us at

The Sales Team
Synapptic Ltd,
Adelaide House,
Adelaide Court,
Belmont Business Park,
0191 909 7 909
Web Site
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