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Young Guru Academy

YGA -Young Guru Academy- is an international NGO founded in Turkey in 2000. YGA aims to cultivate socially conscious leaders of the future, who can succeed in succeeding together. YGA team inspires the world by developing pioneering technologies for a better future. Social innovation projects designed and brought to life by YGA team are Twin Science Kit and WeWalk
Twin Science Kit
Twin consists of electronic modules that can be attached with magnets and aims to make science and technology popular to increase the know-how of people. Children and teenagers can develop the latest technological products, such as robots and autonomous cars. Twin also has an accessible version with Braille extensions. This allows visually impaired children to experience robotics and technology.
For further information, please visit:
WeWALK is a revolutionary smart cane developed for the visually impaired. WeWALK attaches to the traditional white cane, transforming it into an innovative smart cane. This technology increases visually impaired people's independence and promotes full participation in society via three of its features.
- Obstacle Detection:  WeWALK detects obstacles above chest level with an ultrasonic sensor and vibrates when these objects are near.
- Phone Pairing: When paired with the WeWALK mobile application via Bluetooth, the user can use apps with WeWALK's touchpad, without holding his or her phone. For example, the user can get navigation on the WeWALK device.
- 3rd Party Integrations: WeWALK is integrated with "Google Maps" and "Voice Assistant". In the future, WeWALK will also be integrated with Uber and many other apps. These new integration features are installed through periodic software updates.
For further information, please visit:
Gokhan Mericliler
WeWork, Office 2102
33 Queen Street
Web Site
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