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Fundraising Projects

We are currently fundraising for a range of projects to benefit our students, a few of which are listed below:

  • Service Developments - to broaden our offering and widen our reach to support more individuals with disabilities in a range of ways.
  • Programme Equipment and Resources - for across College, to enable students to get the most out of their programmes and skills development.
  • Community Services Provision - to support a number of projects under our CS umbrella, including social activities, peer support sessions, music group and healthy living activities. 
  • Sustainability & Environment Projects - to help engage students with environmental and ecological projects, and enhance College's approach to sustainability. 


Previous projects that have been made possible through fundraising include:

  • Onsite Sports Hall - £1.3m project to build an onsite sports hall meaning all students could take part in sport and fitness activities.
  • Onsite café and training kitchen – used by students to host themed café A yoga session for QAC students taking place in the college sports hallmornings and develop their hospitality/customer service skills. 
  • Outdoor Gym & Traverse Wall - £50k to install a set of inclusive outdoor gym equipment and traverse wall on campus.
  • Curriculum Development – introducing new programmes such as Motor Vehicle Studies and Creative Media, as well as new technology in areas such as IT and changes to work and teaching spaces. 
  • Indoor Climbing Wall – £40k to introduce a bespoke climbing wall to feature in our sports hall with sessions open to all students to get involved.
  • Music Development - more than £20k to provide new equipment, music sessions and  specialist workshops for students
  • A student enjoying using the new College outdoor gymCommunity & Citizenship Initiatives – such as science & space activities, criminal justice, EDI awareness and working on a farm. 
  • Yoga & Wellbeing – to introduce yoga and other wellbeing / mindfulness sessions and equipment for students with high anxiety.
  • Specialist  Equipment – including sensory equipment for high needs students and specialist VI equipment for use in the LRC, independent living sessions, rehab activities and other areas across college.
  • Umberslade Nurseries – various workshops and activities for local community groups to get involved in including people with dementia, families and children at risk of exclusion as well as Umberslade / outdoor curriculum development for students. 
  • Community Services Outreach - supporting students in engaging with each other, and hosted activities, during the Covid restrictions and subsequent coming out of them and returning to normal life.
  • Equipment and Resources - for various clubs, departments and student activities including the library and other areas. 

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