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A person wears a red QAC hoodie with 'Supporting QAC' written on the back

QAC Fundraising

Registered charity number 1065794

QAC has provided education and training for visually impaired people since 1903. Originally part of the Birmingham Royal Institution for the Blind founded 1847, it has been an independent registered charity since 1997.

How is QAC funded?

Student fees, individual to each application, are funded by the Local Authority, Residential Training Unit of the Department for Work and Pensions and Jobcentre Plus.

Although fees cover tuition, accommodation and staffing costs, they, do not cover major capital projects or much needed items of equipment and resources. We rely on the generosity of friends and supporters to help provide such resources, help with campus developments and open up new opportunities to our students.

Why support QAC?

QAC is more than a college. As well as offering supported routes into education and employment, we provide practical and emotional support for all students, from vision and mobility aids to counselling.

Through what we do, students are able to develop skills, confidence and independence in a fun, safe environment.

Your help and support, however large or small, can make a big difference. There are various projects which we have successfully fundraised for including equipment and resources such as college radio, student based projects including sports sessions and dance workshops and capital projects to buy and develop new facilities such as our onsite student café and A Quiet Place.

We always have projects we are working on, here are just a few details of a couple of  projects we are currently fundraising for:

  • PSHE 
    •  Having a disability can impact an individual’s level of communication and understanding, subsequently limiting their ability to pick up on social cues, use of language and social boundaries / norms / expectations. We are currently working on a range of projects to develop the provision of PSHE (Personal, Sexual & Health Education) within QAC and also in the wider community, working with other organisations and groups. The projects aim to create training opportunities and resources on areas of PSHE, both for young people with disabilities and the people who are working with them.
  • Independence Plus
    •  Independence Plus, QAC’s supported living service, desperately needs a vehicle. Currently all 25 clients have to share one small vehicle or use public transport which is costly as they also have to cover the travel costs of their support staff. We want to purchase a vehicle for Independence Plus to enable clients to have increased and more flexible access to local facilities, social and leisure activities to which they currently have limited access due to financial and public transport restrictions. We also want to develop a fund which can be used to facilitate access to social and leisure activities, trips and short breaks for clients in Independence Plus.
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