Access to College

Programme Outline:
Access to College is an individualised programme for people who have been out of education for at least twelve months for various reasons and have difficulty in restarting education.

This programme is devised around the individual as they gradually increase their attendance at College following a series of planned activities which help them to decide on the best course of study.

The overall aim is for the student to work towards attending a main College programme to gain qualifications and develop independence in line with their future goals.

We have experienced staff that work with the student, family and carers to address the barriers that are preventing the student from attending College. This can often involve the student being given support to develop their confidence and coping skills to reduce their anxiety associated with returning to College.

Staff will also meet with external professionals who support the student to ensure that their social and emotional needs are well supported.

It is hoped the after one year on the Access to College programme the student will be ready to attend a main College programme matched to their learning needs.

The student’s progress is reviewed at key points during the year and a suitable plan is formed to support students to transition from Access to College to a main programme of study or to another provision. In some cases the transition to a main programme may need to be extended to match individual needs.

Further information:
If you are interested in the Access to College programme please contact Emma Hutchinson, Curriculum Area Manager - Vocational Pathways, on 0121 803 5318 or Kanchan Rajput-Goode, Assistant Principal Curriculum, on 0121 803 5362 or email to discuss your needs in more detail.