Preparation for Life

Our Preparation for Life (PFL) programmes enable learners who have learning disabilities to develop the skills they need to participate as citizens within the community and, where possible, the workplace.

PFL is continuously developing exciting new opportunities and programme content. We recognise that additional qualifications may not be the priority for our learners. We are able to take the outcomes stated in your Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan and carry out a thorough baseline assessment to develop an individual programme. 

Quality is assured through the RARPA (Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement) process and underpinned by a rigorous internal verification. This ensures that our students have sufficiently challenging and individually relevant targets to work towards. QAC is also part of a group of colleges who externally verify each other to ensure high standards.

Programmes have been developed to:

  • Recognise achievement of the personal skills needed to progress onto further qualifications
  • Include rigorous assessment procedures designed to capture learners’ achievements and measure their success
  • Improve essential personal, social and practical skills in a range of relevant contexts
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop self-determination and greater personal autonomy
  • Provide a flexible framework
  • Ensure learning is personalised
  • Promote ownership of learning goals
  • Increase the use of real and relevant activities and settings for learning

Who are the programmes for:

All our PFL programmes are designed for learners who have a range of cognitive impairments that cause difficulty in learning the skills for everyday life and work, who want to:

  • Become more independent
  • Take a more active part in their community
  • Develop a range of practical and/or creative skills
  • Develop social skills and an awareness of others
  • Enhance communication and self-advocacy skills
  • Begin to determine their own learning through the achievement of personalised learning goals
  • Develop confidence and self esteem

We cater for a range of academic levels up to and including Entry level 3.  Where relevant, students can continue to work towards qualifications in functional skills.  English and maths are embedded in the programme and we focus on those skills needed in everyday life working towards greater understanding and independence.

Where do our students progress to?

  • Some may go onto the generic LEAP programme which continues with qualifications at Entry 3 or Level 1 or onto the LEAP Hub programme for those who have a specific pathway in mind
  • Occasionally students gain the necessary skills to go straight onto a vocational programme at Entry Level 3 – Level 3
  • Some students go into adult social care being able to cope with other situations more effectively after their time at QAC
  • Some students go into further education at mainstream or specialist colleges
  • Some gain supported voluntary work
  • Others access direct payments and follow an individual programme of activities in the community 

Our new 'PFL Green' group is a transition group for some students in their last year of funding at QAC. It is an exciting provision based for part of the week at our Umberslade Campus, our off site outdoor learning area  with various horticulture facilities. 

This provides students the opportunities of putting together all the skills they have been working on during their previous years in PFL into a real life situation. They will continue to work on individual targets using the horticulture, customer service, craft and hospitality opportunities this off site venue offer – the environment is more work like in its feel. With up to 2 days on site at College this will be an ideal transition to their next step after QAC.