Health Therapies

We have an extensive range of therapeutic and support services available to meet the needs of our students, including:


The Healthcare team consists of a healthcare services manager, three nurses and a healthcare assistant. Our Healthcare Centre is situated at the rear of the Harborne campus.

A student has their blood pressure taken by College Nurse in the Healthcare Centre

Our nurses and healthcare assistant have a range of skills and experience in learning disability, mental health and general nursing. We provide planned and drop-in treatment for students during curriculum hours, in term time.

We also support academic and residential staff with clinical competencies and guidance around students’ health conditions. Supporting students to maintain their health and wellbeing enables them to have the best possible opportunities to meet their learning goals.

Depending on need, the provision we offer includes:

  • On entry assessments
  • Administration of medication and support with treatment plans
  • Training/clinical competencies
  • Liaison with other health professionals
  • A drop-in service for advice and treatment of minor ailments
  • Protocols and plans for specific health needs



Our physiotherapy provision is based in the Fitness Centre at the Harborne campus.

The Physiotherapy team consists of two physiotherapists and three physiotherapy assistants, with a wide range of skills and experience.

The physiotherapy provision offers a range of specialist programmes that are tailored to the specific individual physical health needs and goals of our students. Our aim is to empower students to develop their physical wellbeing and realise their full potential. 

An on-entry physiotherapy assessment forms the basis of the specialist treatment programmes for the student whilst they are at College. These programmes are tailored to the individual and can be integrated into their learning and residential routines.

All physiotherapy treatment plans are reviewed regularly with the student and other relevant staff and professionals involved in their care, as appropriate.

Depending on need, the provision we offer includes:

  • Liaising with schools, families, external physiotherapy teams, orthotics, wheelchair services and other external professionals to provide person centred treatment for students
  • On-entry assessment and individual treatment programmes
  • Assisting students to use their standing frames and/or the Acheeva bed as part of their postural management programmes
  • Support with mobility and the use of walking aids/equipment
  • Individual or group treatment sessions, which can be weekly or in the form of a half-termly review, according to the students' individual needs
  • Preparing students to maintain their physical health needs when they transition out of College
  • Support and guidance for academic and residential staff to carry out exercise programmes and support students to use mobility and postural equipment