Independence Plus - Supported Living options

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Some students choose to move onto our Independence Plus programme when they reach the end of their course.

Student making the bed

Independence Plus was developed in 2010 because we identified a need to sustain the independence that students were developing while at QAC. We found that residential students had gained in confidence and also developed useful living skills during their time at College, and so it might make sense for them to continue to develop this independence at QAC as Supported Living Clients living in the local Harborne community.

Clients on this programme still require support, and the aim is to deliver a service that provides them with the means to live independently/semi independently into the future. Many clients are either in education, voluntary work or paid employment not linked to QAC directly. 

Funding is usually provided through a flexible Direct Payment Personal Budget in conjunction with housing benefit for accommodation. 

Student and staff member washing up