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QAC is a stepping stoKerry Lowe, Transitions Officer at QAC ne to your future life, so from the minute you start here, we are already thinking about your future. 

During your time at QAC you will receive support from Kerry Lowe, Transitions Officer, to explore your future options. 

Kerry’s job is to help you make positive plans for what will happen when you leave QAC.

We can support your transition in lots of different ways at QAC and we can offer advice, information and guidance based around your needs and aspirations. 

The transitions offer at QAC can include:

 Year 1

  • Person-centred Programme
  • Personal Tutor System
  • First Year Annual Review
  • Work Experience Placements

Year 2

  • Second Year Annual Review
  • Adapting student's programme to reflect changing needs and aspirations

Year 3

  • Final Year Transitions Annual Review
  • Transition Plan
  • Follow-on Reviews
  • 1:1 Support Sessions
  • Job Club
  • Leavers' Group
  • Parent Forum
  • Transitions Toolkit
  • Twilight Sessions & Training
  • Group Visits & Events

If you would like more information about transitions at QAC you can contact Kerry Lowe on 0121 428 5086 or


What the students say

I really enjoy my course because it offers me a good mix of theory and practical it has also allowed me to experience new sports that I have never played before.

Conrad - 20

Sport and Sports Leadership Student

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