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QAC is a stepping stone to your future life, so from the minute you start here, we are already thinking about your future. 

During your time at QAC you will receive support from our Transitions Team to explore your future options. We help you make positive plans for what will happen when you leave QAC. 

We can support your transition in lots of different ways at QAC and we can offer advice, information and guidance based around your needs and aspirations. 

The transitions offer at QAC can include:

 Year 1

  • Person-centred Programme
  • Personal Tutor System
  • First Year Annual Review
  • Work Experience Placements

Year 2

  • Second Year Annual Review
  • Adapting student's programme to reflect changing needs and aspirations

Year 3

  • Final Year Transitions Annual Review
  • Transition Plan
  • Follow-on Reviews
  • 1:1 Support Sessions
  • Job Club
  • Leavers' Group
  • Parent Forum
  • Transitions Toolkit
  • Twilight Sessions & Training
  • Group Visits & Events

If you would like more information about transitions at QAC, please contact the team at:

Charlie in the workplace Hello, my name is Charlie. On leaving QAC I entered paid employment with The Albion Foundation – the charity of West Bromwich Albion Football Club.

I really enjoyed my time at QAC and successfully completed a BTEC Level 2 in Sport. The College provided the structure that I needed and offered me the opportunity to complete an external work placement with The Albion Foundation during my first year.

Initially my work placement was over a four week period, but it went so well it became ongoing during my time at College with staff supporting me. With the help of QAC I was able to fulfil my long-term goal of securing paid employment.

I love my job, the responsibility and various tasks that I have to complete. I have also recently passed my driving test; I can now drive into work independently using my own car!


Hannah at University Hello, my name is Hannah. I completed a BTEC Level 3 in Health and Social Care at QAC and represented the College as a Student Ambassador. I am now studying a BSc (Hons) in ‘Special Educational Needs, Disability and Inclusion’ at the University of Wolverhampton.

My time at QAC really helped to prepare me for University as it gave me the confidence and independence I needed to get me to where I am today. I gained a lot from the additional support I received at QAC, particularly the travel training sessions which have enabled me to travel independently to and from University.

I am enjoying all aspects of University life, the students and lecturers are really kind and are always there if I need help or advice.

Next year, I am going to apply to live in halls where I can continue to develop my independence and get more involved in University life!



Hello, my name is Fiaz. During my time at QAC I successfully completed a Preparation for Life (PFL) programme.

QAC helped me to realise my potential and become more independent and confident. I enjoyed my time at QAC and had lots of fun; I also made lots of friends along the way. Staff were always friendly and very supportive.

During my final year at QAC my transition review provided me with lots of useful information to help me choose what I wanted to do next.

When I left QAC I decided that I’d like to continue my education and access a local mainstream college. 


Jess Hello, my name is Jess. During my time at QAC I gained a Level 3 IT qualification and lived in one of the residential houses on campus. As a residential student I gained the skills and confidence which enabled me to live semi-independently and now I am living in my own supported living flat.

I love having my own flat because I have my own space and more freedom to do what I want. Since living on my own I have continued to grow in confidence and feel I am able to live independently without relying on my family.

I still have access to support and the staff are brilliant!

I have made really good friends with another girl through my support worker and we go out into the local community together and do lots of fun activities. 

QAC has assisted me to get where I am today! I am also looking forward to starting a work placement, where I will be volunteering for a local charity.


DavidHello, my name is David. During my time at QAC I successfully completed a Preparation for Life (PFL) programme.

QAC really helped me to build my confidence and verbal communication skills. At College I was able to get involved with lots of different activities and I learnt how to socialise and make friends. I am now much more confident when going out and about in the community.

The transitions team at QAC supported me to find a suitable day placement near to where I live. It really helped that I was able to spend time at my current provision whilst I was still at QAC, as I got to know the staff and clients and it prepared me for life after College. 

What the students say

I love QAC! It has allowed me to make many great friends and the staff are always willing to support me with anything I want to achieve.

Kevin - 19

Performing Arts Student

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