Parent/Carer Information - Student Term Dates 2023/24

Residential students return to College during the afternoon of the day before specified return date (please contact Kim Tierney, Residential Services Manager, or your Home Team Leader for more detailed information). 

AUTUMN 2023  
Start  Finish

New Residential Students – Tuesday 5th
September – to arrive after 4pm

New Day Students – Wednesday 6th September

Returning Residential Students – Sunday 10th September – to arrive after 4pm

Returning Day Students – Monday 11th September

Friday 27th October


Wednesday 8th November

Thursday 21st December


SPRING 2024  

Wednesday 10th January 

 Friday 9th February 

Wednesday 21st February

Friday 22nd March

SUMMER 2024  
Monday 8th April

Friday 24th May

Monday 3rd June 

Friday 12th July

(Students finish at 1.30pm)


If you are unable to attend College, please ensure that you phone the absence reporting line on 0121 803 5364 before 9.30am on the morning of every day that you are absent. You can also email absences to

Please leave the following information:

  • Name
  • Group
  • Reason for Absence 

QAC welcomes a mutually positive and constructive relationship with families and carers and encourages relationships based on an ethos of openness and trust. Our Parent/Carer Code of Conduct is attached below and is applicable across all sites. 

If you require this information in an alternative format (Braille, large print or audio) please call 0121 428 5050 or email