Autumn Term 2021 - Update for new and returning students

We are looking forward to all of our new students starting at 9:00am on Wednesday 8th September and all of our returning students at 9:00am on Monday 13th September. All lessons will start and end each day at 9:00am – 3:00pm.

Please find student health and safety key points listed below (subject to government advice and guidance):

  • Zones will be removed. Staff and students can access all areas.
  • One-way systems are removed, and any route is usable.
  • 2-metre social distance is removed.
  • Use of masks – this is up to each individual student and your choice will be respected. Please note, some staff members may choose to still wear a face covering.      
  • Infection control remains a priority across all areas – continued use of sanitisers, wiping of surfaces and regular hand washing are essential.
  • Our Health and Safety team will continue to risk assess, advise and manage safety ongoing, continuing with daily checks on external government advice and guidance.
  • Government guidance for educational establishments will be followed ongoing as directed. 

Student Testing

In order to have a safe and reassuring start to the year, some of our friendly College staff will be on hand to support carrying out 2 x staggered Lateral Flow Tests (LFT), between 3-5 days apart for our students. After this we request that LFT testing is carried out at home and there will be no further testing on campus unless Government guidance alters. Further information to follow via the College Health and Safety team.