Barclays deliver money skills workshops to QAC Students

On Thursday 27th September, we welcomed employees from Barclays Bank to deliver workshops to three of our Employability classes. The workshops mainly focused on money skills, with the groups being tasked with planning and budgeting for an imaginary party.

At first, some students, in their own words, were a little sceptical of the task at hand, but they all tried their best and ended up enjoying working on the task, partly due to the task mirroring a real life situation thus engaging the students in working with numeracy and decision making skills whilst trying to solve a problem which reflects a real life situation.

Barclays employee and QAC student pose for photo

Having external visitors from a big corporate company such as Barclays adds another dimension to students’ learning. Engaging with visitors improves the students' confidence in communicating and being able to ask questions to individuals directly involved in a company like Barclays makes the students more curious and inquisitive, wanting to find out more information.

Not only do teams of Barclays employees visit QAC to help the students, but they also get involved in doing some voluntary work around our campus, which is greatly appreciated by the college.

Many Thanks to all of the Barclays employees for volunteering their time and efforts to help and support our Students! #CollegesWeek #LoveOurColleges