Colleges Week 2023 - Daily Theme: Hospitality

Friday's #CollegesWeek2023 theme is Hospitality, so we are highlighting our LEAP Hub Hospitality programme and the facilities they have available to support their learning. 

QAC staff and student working in hospitality

Our students have access to an industry standard teaching kitchen, as well as an on-site working café environment.

Image of on-site professional kitchen

Students explore and understand the skills required for planning, preparing, cooking and finishing a range of food types. They investigate different aspects of the hospitality industry, types of businesses, the different products and services offered, and the essential processes involved in operating a hospitality business. 

Student giving a Hospitality student money

Students on the LEAP Hospitality programme work in the QA Café each morning, Tuesday to Friday, where they serve a range of hot drinks and cakes to staff and students around the College. This helps students to develop a range of transferable skills, including customer service and money handling.

In addition, our LEAP Hub Retail and Business group also provides a very popular trolley service every Friday. The students visit a number of classrooms and offices on campus, offering a range of snacks and drinks to purchase.