Colleges Week 2023 - Day of Sport and Enrichment

During this year's Colleges Week, the AoC aims to magnify the significance of sports and all the enriching programmes within Colleges.

We are shining a spotlight on Jonnie, who is currently on our Vocational Sport programme following his time on our Powerchair Football Academy programme.

Photo of Jonnie smiling

QAC offers a dynamic Sports curriculum with excellent opportunities for sports-minded people to gain sector specific knowledge, qualifications and links to sector specific work placements. The range of sports undertaken is diverse and reflects the student group at QAC, with accessibility sports being our speciality. 

Jonnie coaching PFL students

Whilst at QAC, Jonnie is on placement to continue developing his coaching skills and even spends Tuesday mornings coaching fun sessions for our PFL Springboard students, alongside his programme.

Following his time at QAC, Jonnie plans to continue his studies through Higher Education with aspirations to gain employment as a Sports Coach.