Criminologist and Youth Specialist Craig Pinkney works with QAC students

Some of our students recently welcomed Criminologist and Youth Specialist Craig Pinkney to deliver an interactive workshop, aimed at raising awareness of good life choices when placed in difficult situations. Students were able to talk about gang culture and the impact of bad life choices on family and friends as well as themselves.

Craig Pinkney addressing QAC students in the main hall during his presentation

Craig's workshop was very emotive and he was able to engage all of the students present, provoking lots of questions and observations at the end of the session. Craig's true understanding of young people really shone through during the session and it is very clear that he is able to converse with them at a level that engages them.

Craig and a QAC member of staff in a staged confrontation as part of Craig's presentation

A huge Thanks to Craig for delivering the session and we're already looking forward to a follow up session!