Get On Your Bike!

QAC Principal Hugh Williams recently collected his newly purchased bike and cycling equipment via the National Cycle Scheme from our very own Shaun Jones at iCycle located in Bearwood.

iCycle is proud to be an authorised Cyclescheme approved supplier and QAC is delighted to be registered with the National Cycle Scheme; allowing employees of QAC to purchase a bike, including accessories from iCycle tax-free!

Shaun and Hugh in iCycle

Is your employer signed up to Cyclescheme? If not why don't you start your journey today by inviting your employer to register. It's completely free to join. For more information visit

If you have any questions regarding the National Cycle Scheme or your employer is signed up to the scheme and you would like to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity please contact Shaun to find out more on 0121 428 5040 or email at