Inclusive Skills Competitions 2015

A growing number of leaders and teachers in organisations that work with students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities share a passionate belief in the value of competition activities for their learners. Steps are being taken to develop national competitions through the Association of National Specialist Colleges (Natspec).


Skills competitions are well established in mainstream FE colleges and last year Natspec supported six specialist colleges to run competitions for students with learning or physical disabilities. The competitions built links with local businesses like The Co-operative, who offered guidance, sponsorship and competition judges. This was also with a vision to have a presence at The Skills Show (For further information see

We believe that competitions are a healthy and enjoyable way for young people to develop and show off their skills, work-readiness and independence. QAC are supporting to help develop competitions that are more inclusive to students with learning disabilities and difficulties by increasing the number and range of competitions on offer through Inclusive Skills Competitions. 

Please visit for further information and to enter our very own photography competition named 'My Favourite Place'. If you have any quires please contact Kanchan Rajput-Goode on 0121 428 5097 or