Introducing Sat, our new iCycle Manager...

QAC is delighted to welcome Sat Singh to the QAC Enterprises team as our new manager of iCycle. Sat is a self-proclaimed cycling enthusiast and has been in the cycling trade for 5 years now, being a cycling proficiency and cycling skills instructor prior to working at different cycle stores before joining iCycle.


Sat plans to make iCycle an even more competitive retail outlet, as well as further developing community engagement. Sat also added that knowing iCycle works towards helping out an extremely good cause in supporting people with disabilities at QAC, makes him enjoy working at iCycle even more.

In addition to Sat, the iCycle team consists of Dennis and Michael, both cycle mechanics. Dennis has worked at iCycle for 7 years, and enjoys facing new challenging repairs every day, finding it satisfying to be able to overcome those challenges and allow fellow cyclists to get the best out of their bicycles.

Michael has worked at iCycle for 24 years now, previously being a student here at QAC. He finds satisfaction in completing repairs and seeing his customers leave happy with the work he's done. He also enjoys showing what disabled people can achieve, in spite of the challenges they face with their disabilities.


Located in Bearwood, iCycle is one of several successful businesses owned by QAC with all profits paid back into the charity, helping to enhance the QAC experience for our students. iCycle sells bicycles, accessories and clothing for all aspects of cycling and is an authorised Cycle Scheme approved supplier.

For more information about iCycle including details about their expert repair and maintenance service please visit iCycle