PFL studentsenjoyhands-on RSPCA work placement

Students from our Preparation for Life (PFL) Red group have successfully completed a work placement at the RSPCA Birmingham Animal Centre. 
PFL Red students working outdoors
Liaising with RSPCA staff, the group were tasked with completing garden maintenance jobs such as planting flowers, cleaning and organising outdoor areas. All the students enjoyed using a variety of tools and safety equipment to help complete their jobs.
During the placement, students developed a range of skills such as fine motor, communication, problem-solving and teamwork. The PFL programme enables learners to develop the skills they need to participate within the community and, where possible, the workplace. The programme is designed for students who are working at pre-entry to entry level and offers a great deal of variety. 
RSPCA is the largest animal welfare charity in the UK, they specialise in animal rescue and furthering the welfare cause for all animals.