QAC and Enactus Aston students get creative!

This year, our LEAP Creative group are excited to be working with a group of students from Enactus Aston on a collaborative enterprise project, making and selling a range of things over the next few months, with profits being used to support local charities as well as their own activities.

Enactus Aston students and LEAP Creative tutor pose for photo together

Their first collaborative project is to support the Royal British Legion, making a range of poppy merchandise to sell to fellow students and staff and they will then be easing into the festive spirit after the half-term break, making Christmas crackers with their own disability messages!

Enactus students works on a task with a LEAP Creative student

Throughout the project, QAC students will be exploring all things ‘enterprise’ and business, including job roles, merchandising and product development.

Enactus student works in a group with LEAP Creative students