QAC Powerchair Football team enjoys 2 successful fixtures

QAC's Powerchair Football team enjoyed success in their 2 fixtures on December 7th, with a 2-0 win over the St Georges Chariots and a 1-1 draw with Telford! Below are extracts from the two match reports covering the games! 

QAC 2 St Georges Chariots 0

Chariots took early control of the game and asked questions of the QAC defence early on. Ball with a strong strike from the side line ball deep in his half finding team mate Brough on the edge of the QAC goal area only for the promising attack to be cleared up and well defended by QAC keeper Sherman.

QAC Powerchair Football team in their game vs Chariots

QAC grew into the game with Brennan earning the team a kick in high in the attacking third. A well worked set piece routine on the cards from QAC with Taylor blocking off the defence saw Brennan deliver an excellent dead ball to a free Slaney at the back post who must score but poor decision making on this occasion lead to him hitting his 180 spin kick back out for a Chariots kick in.

After getting a corner, Brennan took the dead ball with Taylor performing a dummy at the near post allowing the ball to travel all the way across to an unmarked Slaney at the back post, who unselfishly opted to play a pass back across to Brennan. Brennan reacted quickly to the pass to front bumper it back across the keeper with the ball eventually spinning over the line. QAC Goal Luke Brennan 1-0.

After a few successive attacking set pieces QAC earned a kick in just inside the attacking third. Taking up their positions Slaney took the dead ball passing to Brennan at the near post, who opts not to switch the ball to Taylor at the far post instead he exploits a gap at the near post which Brennan is able to redirect the ball into. This scenario had been a real cause for concern for Chariots throughout the game as they had presented QAC with similar opportunities several times before only this time for Brennan to be on hand to convert. QAC Goal Luke Brennan 2-0. Half Time QAC 2-0 St Georges Chariots.

Very little action in the second half saw QAC hold onto their 2-0 half time advantage picking up a
good 3 points closing the gap on the teams above. Luke Brennan picking up the man of the match award with his 2 goals being the difference in the game.


Telford 1-1 QAC

Telford had the first chance of the game coming from a QAC kick-in. The QAC outfield players failed to give
Sherman any passing options leading to an inaccurate pass well intercepted by Wright finding team mate Harrison at the who dragged his first time shot just wide of the near post huge sigh of relief from QAC keeper Slaney who wasn’t getting to the shot were it on target.

In the last few moments of the first half QAC continued to sustain their attacking pressure and their best phase of the match saw the ball break to Sherman who switched a pass out wide to Brennan who’s 180 spin kick was on target but didn’t really challenge Telford keeper Brown. Following the keepers save the ball came back out to Sherman just outside the goal area who switches again wide to Brennan who was alert to the pass and used the front bumper to hit a shot across the keeper with Taylor following in at the back post just in case. QAC Goal Luke Brennan 1-0. Half Time Telford 0-1 QAC.

QAC Powerchair Football team grouped up prior to the game vs Telford

Shortly after the break Telford really grew into the game a quick break away from keeper Brown saw Telford win a corner. Slight confusion from the QAC defence leading to a delay in the taking of the set piece as the defensive duo thought it was a kick-in meaning they rushed their set up and wasn’t correctly positioned as the kick was taken, Brennan lucky not to see red for being off the court. From the corner Harrison whipped in an excellent dead ball finding team mate Wright at the back post who slightly scuffs his effort on goal be due to some horrendous communication and defending from QAC the Wright shot sneaked in a gap left by Slaney and Brennan. Telford Goal Jim Wright. Telford 1-1 QAC

The remainder of the game both sides appeared to lack creativity and neither were able to creating any goal
scoring opportunities. Full Time Telford 1-1 QAC.

Match Reports written by QAC Sport Student Bradley!