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QAC students deliver donations to the Smethwick Foodbank

21 March 2017

As part of one of their study units, PFL Amber, one of our Preparation for Life groups, had asked staff and students alike to support them in collecting as many food items to donate to the less fortunate as possible.

Students' food parcels to be donated to food bank

Earleir today, the group headed down to The Trussell Trust Smethwick Foodbank to donate their food parcels, carefully made up by the students in their individually hand decorated boxes. The group managed to collect just under 110kg of food items to donate!!

Students and staff posing for photo with their food parcels

The staff at the Smethwick Foodbank were thrilled with the support shown by the students, giving the students certificates in appreciation of their kind gesture. This was a really kind, helpful and meaningful gesture by all involved!

Students holding certificates following donation

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