QAC's 20th anniversary celebrated by Time Capsule burial!

On Friday 6th July, a Time Capsule was buried on campus to commemorate QACs 20th Anniversary.

2 men laying the Time Capsule into a hole in the ground

The contents of the capsule give a snapshot of QAC and its staff and students as it is now; Staff and students contributed poems, personal statements, artwork, thoughts for the future and photos, which also included some photos of the college staff and students from over 20 years ago!

Close up shot of the side of the Time Capsule, which reads "Time Capsule buried in 2017"

The capsule is not due to be opened until July 2047 which will be our 50th Anniversary, but how many of us will be around for that?

3 members of staff standing next to the Time Capsule burial site with the capsule, a commemorative plaque and a shovel