Queen Alexandra College joins national sustainability network

Staff and students can now access thousands of sustainability resources and gain knowledge from thousands of staff and students on how to integrate sustainability across a university or college

 EAUC Educational Member logo

Queen Alexandra College is delighted to announce that it is a member of EAUC – The Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education, the UK’s only sustainability champion for the further and higher education sector.

By joining EAUC, QAC has joined a network of over 200 other institutions and 5000 individuals who are all working to lead and empower the post-16 education sector to make sustainability 'just good business'. The decision to join EAUC was made as part of QAC’s continuing commitment to sustainability. The College is keen to further its sustainability journey and membership of EAUC will help promote a whole institution approach to economic, social and environmental change.

As an EAUC member, staff and students will work alongside each other to bring about long-lasting and impactful change. EAUC has a comprehensive website with a wealth of information on all the latest member services and projects the organisation is involved in. EAUC membership also enables us to be part of something bigger – we are joining an education movement pushing to create a world with sustainability at its heart.

QAC are active and proud members of EAUC – if you are a member of staff or a student at QAC and would like to access EAUC services please email info@eauc.org.uk or telephone 01242 714321.

For more information on EAUC and the services it provides, please visit www.eauc.org.uk