Team QAC runners take on Great Birmingham Run 10k race!

A huge well done and thank you to all Team QAC runners who took part in the record-breaking Simplyhealth Great Birmingham 10k on Sunday 6th May 2018, which consisted of 8,000 runners!

The running conditions were difficult on the day due to the scorching heat, but the runners embraced the challenge and completed the run in great time with big smiles on their faces!

 Team QAC runners all posing for a photo before the Great Birmingham Run

The Team QAC runners undertook the challenge with essentially one key target in sight; to raise as much money as possible for QAC so that the college can continue to support students as best as possible, giving them various opportunities and resources which would be unattainable without the various fundraising campaigns supporting the college! 

To find out more about various other fundraising activities supporting QAC, please click here!

Picture of 2 male Team QAC members taking part in the 10k on the left and on the right 3 Team QAC members posing for a photo at the run