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QAC COVID-19 Updates and Information Links

19 January 2021

January 2021:

Please find our ‘COVID-19 Student Support Guide’ in this attached link. The booklet is designed to help students understand about COVID-19 and the changes that are being made at College, including rapid testing.

QAC have updated risk assessments in place ensuring the safety of its settings so that measures can be put in place to minimise those risks for students and staff. Please find risk assessment in this attached link.

RAPID TESTING UPDATE (mass asymptomatic testing)

We are working to keep our College as safe as possible. In line with Government guidance, our plans for rapid testing for COVID-19 are in place. Rapid testing will play an essential part in QAC minimising COVID-19 risks to all as well as providing peace of mind and enabling fast action where it may be required.

Bev Jessop, QAC Principal and Chief Executive, provides a short tour of our testing centre for QAC students and staff (recorded on Thursday 14 January 2021):


For more information and guidance about onsite lateral flow tests, please visit our dedicated ‘Covid-19 Testing on Campus’ page in this attached link.

Deputy Principal’s letter sent out to all parents and carers on Tuesday 5 January can be accessed HERE (and attached below).

If you are a key worker, or want to apply for a place on the limited on site provision please CLICK HERE and complete by Thursday 7 January.  

Our plans for rapid testing for COVID-19 are in place. Rapid testing will play an essential role in minimising COVID 19 risks to all as well as providing peace of mind. Please find consent form which needs to be completed by all parents/students by Friday 8 January attached in this link.

Please check this website page and our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) for updates.  

A message for all QAC students from Bev Jessop, QAC Principal and Chief Executive (recorded on Wednesday 6 January 2021)

QAC: an update for students, parents and carers following national lockdown announcement

Following Government guidance issued on Monday 4 January 2021, the following explains the impact of the national lockdown situation for QAC services.

Whilst following official guidance to maintain education and front line support, we face extremely difficult and complex circumstances.  QAC remains fully committed to ensuring that arrangements enable us to undertake education/support whilst also maintaining the safety and wellbeing of ourselves, our students, clients, colleagues and other stakeholders.

QAC Curriculum Services (College)

Is in a lockdown situation from Wednesday 6 January and not open for all staff or students to attend campus (to maximise safety). 

However there are exceptions:

  • Students whose parents are key workers
  • Students at high risk of vulnerability due to Safeguarding circumstances (all students are risk assessed)
  • Students who have been identified by families/College as extremely highly vulnerable

Onsite learning will commence from Monday 18 January for the small number of students listed above 

Remote learning will happen for all students up to that date (and beyond as needed). Home learning will be engaging and cover areas of academic, support and therapy. Resources will be provided in suitable formats to meet individual needs.  Tracking, monitoring and full recording of activities are undertaken and recorded centrally.

Rapid testing (known as ‘mass asymptomatic testing’) will be highly encouraged and advised for all who attend on campus (staff/students/clients too). QAC will be undertaking this process themselves.

Annual/EHCP reviews will be carried out remotely by QAC and you will receive communication directly in due course.

QAC Community Services

‘Support Worker’ provision is classed as front line work.  This will continue based on individualised risk assessments and rapid testing being undertaken by staff, with support as agreed.

Referrals for support can still be made to the Director of Community Services during this time of lockdown -

QAC Residential Services

Educational residential - Residential is in lockdown unless any exceptional agreements are made with families/LAs with cases being reviewed individually. Please contact Kim Tierney if you have a query -

Supported Living clients in Independence Plus (IP) – IP is a front line service and arrangements have been made by the management of IP regarding clients remaining in their QAC homes in association with clients, families and social care as required. If you have any queries please contact the manager Giles Logan -

RAPID TESTING UPDATE (mass asymptomatic testing)

QAC plans to roll out rapid testing in line with government direction.  This ensures a faster result from a COVID test and is undertaken by QAC.

Rapid testing will play an essential part in QAC minimising COVID risks to all as well as providing peace of mind and enabling fast action where it may be required.

More information will be shared on rapid testing soon.

October 2020: 

PPE UPDATE (Friday 9 October 2020):

The only exemption for not wearing PPE is for medical grounds (proof needed) or if it inhibits communication/classroom working with students.

Students are now expected to wear masks in communal areas of their zones where they are able/can manage this. QAC can supply disposable masks for students who may forget to bring one.

  • In classrooms, PPE can be used with a degree of discretion for the best interests and support of students and each other. Different students will have different needs, and this is respected and worked around by those staff that know the students well.
  • In communal places (within zones), we should expect students to wear PPE if this is possible, and always worn by staff.
  • Personal Care is full PPE, always.
  • If you are travelling between zones, wear a mask.
  • If you are going into zones from another zone, wear a mask. If you know you will be touching surfaces across zones, wear gloves.
  • If you are working with/supporting a student who may be unknowingly (and on some occasions unexpectedly) travelling between zones, wear a mask.
  • If you are working very closely with students in social areas such as for lunch, wear a mask and gloves.
  • Wipe down desk and table surfaces.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Read the signs that are all over College with regards to PPE and safety.
  • Politely remind each other to ‘PPE UP’!

September 2020:

A message for our returning students from Bev Jessop, QAC Principal and Chief Executive (recorded on Friday 11 September 2020):

Please find FAQs which aims to provide students, parents and carers with as much information, advice and support as possible in readiness for the autumn term in this attached link

If you have any of the main symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), get a test as soon as possible. Stay at home until you get the result.

The main symptoms of coronavirus are:

  • a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature) 
  • a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you've noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

For the latest information and useful advice about coronavirus (COVID-19) please visit attached links listed below:

June 2020:

We look forward to welcoming some of our final year students back to QAC on Monday 15 June 2020 as part of a phased re-engagement of face to face delivery. Online and home learning continues for all students.  

One way system arrows and tactile markings on the Bradbury Centre corridor floor

A lot of work, planning and risk assessing has taken place behind the scenes to implement the processes we need to adopt including one way systems and desks separated to help observe social distancing.

We will be adhering to the Department for Education guidance, with staff and small student groups working in a 'bubble'.

May 2020:

A message from Bev Jessop, QAC Principal and Chief Executive (recorded on Monday 11 May 2020):


Staff at QAC continue to help safeguard and protect our students and support them to ensure continued learning through these extraordinarily challenging times! We have created a series of 'Have-a-Go' videos on our YouTube channel for students to enjoy. You can join in with some of our 'Have-a-Go' sessions here.

April 2020:

A message from Bev Jessop, QAC Principal and Chief Executive (recorded on Thursday 16 April 2020):

Please find letter sent out to all parents and carers on Friday 17 April 2020 to detail the provision for QAC students after Easter hereand attached below.   

March 2020:

On Monday 23 March, the Prime Minister announced new stricter measures to tackle the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). More information about the ‘stay at home’ message and what you need to do can be found here

A social story to help explain coronavirus (COVID-19) can be accessed here.  


We take seriously our responsibilities for safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults in our care. If you have any safeguarding concerns our designated safeguarding leads can be contacted here.

Please also find links listed below providing helpful information for young people and parents/carers:   

Coronavirus and your wellbeing

You might be worried about coronavirus and how it could affect your life. This may include being asked to stay at home or avoid other people. Please find some useful information provided by Mind that could help your wellbeing here.

Useful resources provided by Bild (British Institute of Learning Disabilities) can be accessed here

Please also find links listed below providing helpful information for families:  

QAC takes the concerns over the health, support and welfare of students very seriously. On the instruction of the Department for Education and UK Government, QAC closed to students from 3pm on Friday 20 March 2020 until further notice. 

In order to support continuance of learning students will be issued with home working packs and will have contact from College by email/other agreed means as needed. Individual cases will be reviewed as required for welfare matters.

Clarification of QAC’s plans can be accessed in Principal’s letter to students and parents/carers here and attached below.  

Please find our ‘Stay at Home’ pack to support student wellbeing and sensory needs attached below. Where to go for additional help and support can be found in this attached link.

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